Dozens of Home, Garden & Green Living Seminars and workshops will be offered with daily admission covering the wide array of topics.  Learn from experts that will teach you how to improve and ‘green’ your lifestyle.

From saving money on energy by upgrading your present home to building or remodeling your home, or learning about local agriculture, transportation and the local economy, the Seminars are a highlight of the weekend.

2019 Seminar Schedule.


Saturday, March 21, 2019

11:30 am – Becoming Empowered with Solar Energy and Start Saving Today

Learn how to switch to solar power for home and business. Walk through on how solar power works, and Progress Energy’s SunSense rebate program. Presented by Erika Sneider of Sundance Power Systems.

12:00 pm – Inexpensive ways to make your home energy effiecient

Learn the pratical and inexpensive things you can do to make your home airtight. Presented by Amy Musser of Vandemusser Designs.

12:30 pm – Green Building Trends

Learn the top things people are doing today to green up their home. Presented by Jamie Shelton of Blue Ridge Energy Systems

1:00 pm – Financing Your New Home or Remodeling Project

Explore the many different options in funding your new home construction or remodeling project. Presented by Lynn Davis and Jennifer Duval of Asheville Savings Bank.

1:30 pm – Tips on Buying A New Home

What you need to know when buying a new home. Presented by Joel Burkhalter of Lifestyle Homes.

2:00 pm – Aeroponic Gardening

Healthy Living with Aeroponic Gardening. Presented by Miller Shire of The Tower Garden.

2:30 pm – How to Ensure Your Home is Prepared for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Technology

Variety of topics covering technology in your home. Presented by Ed Craft from Controlit Inc.

3:00 pm – Description of the Program, How To Participate and its Benefits

Topics Covers solar, solar system designs, solar tax credits, whole home Health, etc. Presented by Ashley Edwards of Clean Energy for Western North Carolina.

3:30 pm –  Native Plants versus All others

The facts on the distinct advantages of using native plants in your home landscape. Presented by Bill Jones of Carolina Native Nursery.

4:00 pm – Remodeling: Take the Anxiety and Stress Out!

Step-by-step process that will provide a successful renovation with less anxiety. Presented by Tim Alexander of HomeSource Builders.

4:30 pm – 10 Steps to a Succesful Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Techniques & Tips for planning a successful kitchen or bath remodel. Presented by Diane McDermott and Kara Gressler of The HomeSource Design Center.

5:00 pm – TBA

5:30 pm – TBA


Sunday, March 22, 2019

12:30 pm – TBA

1:00 pm – Gardening with Native Plants to Host Songbirds, butterflies and Pollinators

Slide Show on What plants should go where and great native plants you can use in your garden. Presented by

Shelby Singleton of Carolina Native Nursery.

1:30 pm – NC Green Built Program

The benefits of certifying your new home as NC Green Built. Presented by Maggie Leslie of the Western NC Green Building Council.

2:00 pm – Don’t Miss Out On Solar Energy Tax Credits

Learn the issues surrounding the tax credits scheduled to end in 2019! Presented by Peter Phelps of Water Works.

2:30 pm – TBA

3:00 pm – TBA

3:30 – TBA