H20 Easy Filtration Products

H20 Easy Filtration Products

Learn more about advancements in filtration technologies with this guest post from Chris at H2O Easy Filtration Products.

We are deep into preparation mode for the 2017 Home Garden & Green Living Expo at the Asheville US Cellular Center. I am particularly excited about this year’s event as I plan to showcase two, maybe three of the latest additions to our products line.

In support of our guiding principles I am continually seeking advancements in filtration technologies to improve capabilities and value of our H2O Easy line of products. My efforts during this past 12 months have come to fruition with the design, testing and production of three exciting additions to our line of water filtration products.

1-WaterGenie “Advanced” filtration series

WaterGenie Advanced Series

WaterGenie “Advanced” filtration series introduces the latest advancement in Catalytic Activated CS media. Our new “Compound-Catalytic™” media does everything we’ve come to expect from a catalytic activated carbon with the enhanced has the ability to also reduce fluoride, hexavalent chromium, copper, and more. The overall effectiveness of this media helps reduce overall cost of our advanced whole house and point of use products while improving our ability to filter an expanded spectrum of chemical contaminants.





NeutraCT™ offers the industry’s first combined technology Acid Neutralizer and Hard Water correction in a single tank system. With this simple and effective product we can solve the inherent hardening effect of a neutralizer without the added cost of a water softener.



3- WaterGenie “RX Shield”

This is the highlight of this year’s efforts. The newest addition to our WaterGenie line of Whole-House and Point-of -Use products is the RX series for pharmaceutical contaminant filtration.

The unprecedented rise of pharmaceutical contaminants in drinking water supplies across the U.S. presents unique challenges in managing water quality. Resolving the complex and very broad spectrum of pharmaceutical contaminants with a cost effective approach has been a primary research goal for several years. With the development of an all new approach we are introducing the RX series. We’ve taken the latest research and the best new products to create a simple solution for a very complicated problem.

See you at the show,

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