We will make every practical effort we can to minimize our carbon footprint on our environment due to show activities. Show programs will include major recycling initiatives and evaluations of our tools, signage, approaches and services to bring the show to the public with as low as a carbon footprint as we can. For example, we’ll be printing on all recycled and recyclable paper while also recycling all debris generated at the show as much as possible.

  • Providing a space for cooking oil disposal.
  • Working towards a zero-waste event
  • All signs, billboards, badges, badges holders, tickets, lanyards are made of recycled material or being recycled after use.
  • The US Cellular Center will use bio-degradable cups at the concessions.
  • The US Cellular Center is home to the AB Tech Green Photo Machine! Take your photo when you recycle to further green initiatives!
  • Working with our exhibitors to keep green standards for our show.
  • All vendors will use biodegradable/compostable foodware and utensils.
  • Electronic Waste drop-off will be available on-site as a complimentary service with admission to the show. We cannot accept televisions or large computer monitors.
  • Online Show Guide available on smart phones.
  • Printed billboard material will be recycled into railroad ties.
  • All banners printed on recycled material and with soy ink.
  • Complimentary bike coral from Asheville on Bikes, located 50 steps from the US Cellular Center – helping to reduce the carbon footprint of show attendees.

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