Bamboo flooring: The green alternative for your home

Bamboo flooring: The green alternative for your home

Bamboo flooring: The green alternative for your home

Over the years, most people across the globe are opting for alternative and eco friendly flooring options. People are becoming more conscious about the environment and moving towards green options. However, the change is not only seen from one type of flooring to another, but also within wood flooring as well. People are moving from traditional wood flooring and trying new options. Bamboo flooring is gardening tremendous popularity these days.

Bamboo Flooring Could Be Right for You

Besides being available in abundance and a green choice there are many other benefits that bamboo flooring has to offer. It is considered to be the fastest growing plant on earth and it can be harvested for using in various purposes in just 5-7 years. Considering some benefits like these will start thinking about this next-gen alternative. So here are some adjectives that define bamboo flooring:

1. Extensively Available

Bamboo as a raw material has always been available in nature, but not used much since bamboo flooring was not so popular. However, due to its abundant availability and the fact that it grows or replenishes quickly has made it very popular as a raw material for floorings. This availability has resulted in bamboo flooring being readily available in the market and on the online stores.

2. Easy Installation

Bamboo floorings are perfect for DIY enthusiasts. They are easy to install unlike more expensive and time consuming installation of traditional floorings in the market. They are highly adaptable and unlike stone or tile flooring it does not need extensive preparation of the floor. They can be installed over any surface and can withstand high temperatures and humidity as well. You can get professionals for installation, and this process can be handled in a very short time.

3. Versatile

Bamboo floorings are available in a variety of shades and textures. This can help you find the right shade or color to match with your existing interior décor. You can even have some fun and try multiple shades and textures for different rooms in your home. You can get them in vertical or flat grain texture and in colors ranging from lighter shades to darker shades of brown.

4. Sturdy

Just like other wood flooring, bamboo floorings are sturdy and durable. They are 27% harder than northern red oak and 13% harder than maple. So you can get these in any room including your children’s without any concern about heavy foot traffic or liquid spillage. They can be cleaned with a dry mop and maintained with simple waxing at regular intervals. Bamboo floorings are resistant to water and insects and they usually last for a span of 25 years.

5. Classy

Bamboo has a very inviting and cozy feel to it. So if you want to create a warm and classy aura in your home bamboo flooring is the right option for you. The ambience that bamboo floorings create is timeless and is something that will never die out. So with bamboo floorings you can be sure to get a classy look at the first year and also many years after that.

6. Budget-Friendly

Green alternatives of flooring are usually expensive when compared to traditional flooring options. However, within the green wood flooring range bamboo flooring is the winner in the budget section. The lower end of bamboo flooring is cheaper than the other green alternatives and if perfect if you are on a budget. In the end you have wood flooring that doesn’t look cheap at all but is light on your pocket.

So go for bamboo flooring for being eco-friendly and definitely the most versatile option. However, make sure to research well in order to get the best result.