Best Ted Baker Handbags

Ted Baker brand handbags are well known for their high quality and unique, elegant designs, fit for any formal occasion and not only. Ted Baker brand products are considered by many to be quite luxurious and on the more expensive side, but who says you cannot treat yourself every once in a while?

If you are looking to buy a new handbag for yourself, you need to keep in mind one important thing: a handbag can add some extra style to your outfits, but you need to make sure it matches your overall look and the event you are taking part in. For example, if you are used to wearing patterns in your clothing, then a unicolored handbag will complement that better than a pattern handbag. At the same time, a pattern handbag works wonders when paired with a one-colored dress.

Below, you can find our list of Ted Baker handbags split into categories, so you can have an easier time choosing what fits your desires and aesthetics best.

Best Ted Baker Handbags

Unicolored Handbags

  • Women’s Albany Softside Luggage

This handbag is a great product for many occasions, including business meetings and travelling. The inside is incredibly spacious, allowing you to safely carry your laptop and other essential belongings with you at all times. Since it allows you to carry so many items, the handbag can get quite heavy, which is why it also comes with two rollling wheels, making it extremely portable and convenient.

  • Lailai Bag

This sophisticated cross-body bag is small and easy to carry, perfect for carrying the most essential items with you at all times. Its design makes it perfect for a party accessory, and the tassel found on the side gives it some extra style and personality. It can be found in many colors, so you can match it to your outfits easily.

Floral Pattern Handbags

  • Pamla Tote Bag

This product’s design is quite versatile. It comes with a spacious interior pocket, allowing you to carry some of your essentials but not only. Even more, it comes with a hand holder, and also an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it in many different ways that suit your personal preferences. The pattern is reminiscent of a tropical painting, making it an amazing accessory that can really add something new and special to all your outfits.

  • Sazicon Icon Bag

This large size tote bag is perfect for every day use, and features a unique, amazing floral design on the outside. The material used for this product is vinyl, which makes this handbag waterproof. Who said being stylish and being practical at the same time wasn’t possible?

Envelope style Purses

  • Sunniva Pouch

Sometimes, a handbag seems excessive, and perhaps you are looking for something smaller and sleeker to pair with your outfit. This floral pattern pouch is exactly what you need. It can be worn at parties and outdoors events, and it has plenty of space to carry even bigger items, such as your tablet. The magnetic fastening is high quality, and it ensures that your belongings are safe no matter what.


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5 Design Tricks on How to Make Small Bedrooms Look Spacious

How to Make Small Bedrooms Look Spacious

Whether because of being pressured due to economic problems or by personal choice, many Americans have downsized or are in the course of downgrading your house to keep up with the financially challenging times.

As Americans began feeling the effects of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, many of them joined the tiny house movement. Many US households sold their homes with an average land area of around 2,600 sq. ft. and moved to smaller ones having only an area between 100 and 400 sq. ft. Aside from economic reasons, aging population, desire for greener surroundings and the growing trend of de-cluttering and minimalism are among the reasons why many Americans decided to transfer to smaller home spaces.

Make small rooms look big

Shifting to tiny houses means less spacious bedrooms. You might feel claustrophobic or short of breath because of the constricted space. From a huge sleeping nest, you are now squeezing yourself into a limited space. But with a few straightforward and practical design changes outlined below, you can create extra space or at least an illusion of it in your smaller living space.

1. Save some space.

Bring in shelves, drawers or containers to store your things. You can also buy a desk or stand with plenty of drawers or a seat with storage. Or, ask a carpenter to redesign your bed by adding an under-bed storage.

2. Place plenty of mirrors.

Mirrors create depth and doubles that make the illusion of space. They act as additional windows that bring additional lighting inside the room.

A room with many mirrors, lamps and drawers. Source:

5 Design Tricks on How to Make Small Bedrooms Look Spacious

3. Light up your room.

Flooding your room with light can make it look spacious. During the daytime, bath your room with sunlight.  At night, using soft lighting that emanates from various directions can blur the edges of your room, which makes it appear larger than before. You can also soften your overhead light by using a lower wattage bulb and a frosted shade for a cozier ambiance.

4. Paint your room with cool, bright colors.

Color choice can affect how we see our bedroom. Paint it with white or lighter shade of cool colors such as blue or green, which can add come visual space. You can also use stripes on the walls.

5. Draw the eye upwards.

Emphasizing on the height of your room can make its space look larger. This visual trick can be done by hanging a chandelier in the middle or using a bed with four posts.

Just like magicians and illusionists tell you, your eyes can be fooled. A well-designed tiny bedroom and its interiors can make it seem larger than usual.

How to Make People Want to Save Energy

While there are many amazing advances in technology which will help society reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, actually getting individuals to utilize this technology is a different matter entirely. We are all well aware of the necessity of us reducing our energy use in order to minimize the negative impact of climate change.

However, many of us (myself included) often lack the motivation to fully commit to environmental practices. We know we should theoretically separate the rubbish and the recycling but sometimes it’s just quicker to shove it all in one bin bag. It is important to consider the behavioural element of sustainability – you can make the most innovative renewable energy resource possible but if it’s not widely utilised its impact will be limited. Getting individuals to change their behaviour is just as important, if not more important, than renewable energy technology.

There are a range of small actions that if individuals participated in, could result in less energy use and money saved. For instance, a study by the Energy Saving Trust found that electrical devices being left on standby makes up 9- 16% of the average electricity bill (costing the individual roughly £86). Despite there being a general awareness that reducing your energy will result in less expenditure, there are still individuals who make little or no effort to reduce their energy consumption. So, what’s the best way to get people to engage with the issue and actually change their actions?

How to Make People Want to Save Energy

What makes people want to change?

A recent TED talk by Alex Laskey revealed some interesting insights on this topic. Laskey described a study conducted 10 years ago – leaflets were distributed one summer asking individuals to switch from using air conditioning to fans. The different leaflets sighted different reasons for asking people to change their behaviour. The leaflets which told individuals to change in order to save the planet or to save money or to be a good citizen did not make individuals act differently. However, when the leaflets informed people that their neighbours were being more energy efficient than they were; this resulted in a marked decrease in their energy use.

This simple idea has fuelled Opower, Laskey’s company, which researches utility use around the world and tries to understand what makes individuals engage with energy efficient behaviours. Part of their research has revealed certain aspects about energy consumer’s behaviours which hold true across cultures. One of these is that everyone wants to know how they measure up to others in terms of energy use. Opower work with utility companies and provide consumers with personalised energy reports where their energy use compared to that of neighbours with similar sized homes and targeted recommendations for reducing energy use are provided.

What information can help people change?

If you convince individuals that they do want to alter their energy consumption habits there is another key step to behaviour change – providing the relevant information so they know what to change. Whilst Opower talks about energy use from the perspective of utility bills, the underlying principles can easily be applied to energy saving behaviour in general.

A great way to see where heat is being lost in a particular home is to use thermal imaging cameras. Once this information has been gleaned, individuals can insulate their homes in the most effective way (e.g. if it turns out a large amount of heat is lost through the windows in your house, it might be worth considering triple or double glazing). Furthermore you can get devices that help individuals monitor their energy use – which can help people adjust their energy use behaviours according to energy usage readings. Increasing awareness of where energy is being used and lost will better equip individuals to improve their energy usage.

Southern Green Living Expo Announces Merger With The WNC Home Lawn & Garden Show

The Southern Green Living Expo announces it will move to March 21-23, 2019, but remain in downtown Asheville, NC at the U.S. Cellular Center.

The annual Southern Green Living Expo announced a merger today. The event will now be held March 21-23, 2019 and will be held in conjunction with the 2019 WNC Home, Lawn and Garden show. The show will take place at the U.S. Cellular Center in downtown Asheville .

Southern Green Living Expo Announces Merger With The WNC Home Lawn & Garden Show

The merger of these two shows will create a higher level of green awareness for the general public. In addition, this date change will increase exposure and maximize benefits for both exhibitors and attendees. As a premier show in its 39th year in Asheville, The WNC Home Lawn & Garden Show receives thousands of attendees, providing the ability for green exhibitors to reach more of the mainstream population.

A new name will accompany the date change. The 2 shows will now be referred to as the WNC Home, Garden and Green Living Show, with a new look and website to unveiled in the next couple of weeks. “Exhibitors and attendees can expect a great show. Studies prove consumers are more likely to attend shows like this in the springtime, and we feel strongly that many of the events planned will better suit the March date,” producer of the show, Tim Alexander. “The City of Asheville is a partner in the show, and the show features events such as an extensive workshop schedule, local food court and test drive of eco-friendly transportation.”

The WNC Home, Garden and Green Living Show will feature products and services the home, garden and an eco-friendly lifestyle. This family-friendly show will remain a coveted Asheville, North Carolina event, providing a place to showcase local and regional businesses, nonprofit organizations, artists, and cutting-edge products.