Ted Baker brand handbags are well known for their high quality and unique, elegant designs, fit for any formal occasion and not only. Ted Baker brand products are considered by many to be quite luxurious and on the more expensive side, but who says you cannot treat yourself every once in a while?

If you are looking to buy a new handbag for yourself, you need to keep in mind one important thing: a handbag can add some extra style to your outfits, but you need to make sure it matches your overall look and the event you are taking part in. For example, if you are used to wearing patterns in your clothing, then a unicolored handbag will complement that better than a pattern handbag. At the same time, a pattern handbag works wonders when paired with a one-colored dress.

Below, you can find our list of Ted Baker handbags split into categories, so you can have an easier time choosing what fits your desires and aesthetics best.

Best Ted Baker Handbags

Unicolored Handbags

  • Women’s Albany Softside Luggage

This handbag is a great product for many occasions, including business meetings and travelling. The inside is incredibly spacious, allowing you to safely carry your laptop and other essential belongings with you at all times. Since it allows you to carry so many items, the handbag can get quite heavy, which is why it also comes with two rollling wheels, making it extremely portable and convenient.

  • Lailai Bag

This sophisticated cross-body bag is small and easy to carry, perfect for carrying the most essential items with you at all times. Its design makes it perfect for a party accessory, and the tassel found on the side gives it some extra style and personality. It can be found in many colors, so you can match it to your outfits easily.

Floral Pattern Handbags

  • Pamla Tote Bag

This product’s design is quite versatile. It comes with a spacious interior pocket, allowing you to carry some of your essentials but not only. Even more, it comes with a hand holder, and also an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it in many different ways that suit your personal preferences. The pattern is reminiscent of a tropical painting, making it an amazing accessory that can really add something new and special to all your outfits.

  • Sazicon Icon Bag

This large size tote bag is perfect for every day use, and features a unique, amazing floral design on the outside. The material used for this product is vinyl, which makes this handbag waterproof. Who said being stylish and being practical at the same time wasn’t possible?

Envelope style Purses

  • Sunniva Pouch

Sometimes, a handbag seems excessive, and perhaps you are looking for something smaller and sleeker to pair with your outfit. This floral pattern pouch is exactly what you need. It can be worn at parties and outdoors events, and it has plenty of space to carry even bigger items, such as your tablet. The magnetic fastening is high quality, and it ensures that your belongings are safe no matter what.

Best Ted Baker Handbags

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